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How to use graphite boat?

How to use the graphite boat?

Graphite boat is also called graphite boat or graphite box, is a kind of mould for sintering powder. The main raw material is refractory graphite, which has certain thermal conductivity, stability and corrosion resistance. It is usually used to sinter lithium battery materials to ensure the quality of the battery.

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Here are some ways to use the graphite boat:

1. The graphite boat columns must be vertical and stable: refractory clips should be used to support each other between the boat columns to prevent them from falling over at high temperature. The boat columns in the outer ring shall not be inclined to the kiln wall, but can be slightly inclined to the center of the kiln.

2. After filling the kiln, seal the kiln door: the kiln door should preferably be built with two layers of refractory bricks, the inner layer should be flush with the inner wall of the kiln wall, the outer layer should be flush with the outer wall of the kiln wall, and each layer should be painted Fire clay. When building the kiln door, a fire viewing hole should be set aside, and the position of the fire viewing hole should be fixed each time the kiln is installed to avoid high and low, suddenly large and small, which will affect the correct temperature measurement.

3. The height of the boat column: it should be determined according to the structure of the kiln and the temperature rise of various parts in the kiln. In general, the boat post should be lower near the crater to reduce the resistance to flame rising. Although the boat column in the middle can be higher, there should be enough space between it and the roof of the kiln, so that the rising flames meet here, and then redistribute to the fire passages of the fire-absorbing holes.
If there are any other problems in the use of graphite boats, please contact us, we have professional technicians to solve the application problems of graphite boats.

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